Privacy Policy

Article 6 Privacy Statement
6.1 A user may visit our website anonymously. By anonymous on the website visit lays the owner determine their individual personal information.
6.2 The owner collects continuous non-personal data such as click behavior, IP addresses and browser types to use for statistical purposes, marketing activities and to optimize the design of the service.
6.3 If a user's personal data provided to the owner then these data will be stored in database and be considered as confidential information.
6.4 Only authorized employees of the owner and authorized employees of companies with which the owner cooperates have access to these confidential data and will use this information for the purpose for which they were supplied.
6.5 The owner is not responsible for the privacy practices of advertisers which are linked and / or referral / affiliated.
6.6 The owner will never provide personal data to third parties, unless this is required by law or requested by the judicial authorities.